Happy Halloween 2013...

From Belle, the sweetest little pirate girl.

From Calvin, the silly and scary zombie.

From Caleb, the especially animated zombie.

From Alyna, the cutest nerd I know.

From Josie, the amazing one legged witch.

From all of us to all of you,
We hope you and a great time and said boo...
a time or two.

Oh yeah, Captain Ryan and Johanna, Alyna's BFF say Happy Halloween too.
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Beyond beautiful! Photos simple cannot convey!

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Tuesday, 07.23.2013 Around The Fire

After we had played all day we ate Julie's delicious cowboy beans and talked around the campfire. But before we headed home we gathered all of the grandchildren that we there around grandma and grandpa for a few photos. I could not choose my favorite. I love them all for the personality they express.

It was a wonderful day!!!
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Tuesday, 07.23.2013 We also...

...played in the sand.

...took naps.

...pretended to take naps.

...played with the camera.

...dug for buried treasure.


...taught the grandchildren a thing or two.

...stole Hayden's hat.

...cuddled up in towels.

...watched the clouds go by.

...got caught on camera.

...gathered wildflowers.

...counted mosquito bites.

...loved on mom.

...soaked it all in while sitting on the shore!
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